Consultant Interpreter

Do you need other languages? Are you looking for technical service providers? Do you have doubts on how to approach the event? A consultant interpreter is a professional in the field and not a go-between, with all the necessary skills regarding: 

Manners of interpreting

  • Simultaneous interpreting The interpreter is inside a soundproof booth listening to the original through headphones and producing a speech in the target language in front of a microphone, lagging a slight bit behind the original. Users listen to the interpreting via wireless receivers with headphones. This is the most agile and fluid mode, especially suited for symposia and meetings with a high number of participants and/or more than two languages.
  • Consecutive interpreting The speaker delivers a speech regular making stops. The interpreter takes notes and reproduces the         original speech in the target language after every block.
  • Whispering interpreting If just a few people do not understand the language of the meeting, the professional seats behind the participant(s) and whispers in the target language. As in the case of consecutive interpreting, whispering does not require technical equipment.
  • Interpreting with infoport A modality on the rise, halfway between whispering and simultaneous, that is done with mobile equipment.Its main drawback: there is no booth and the interpreter is not insulated, making the job harder. It is never as efficient as simultaneous interpreting. Especially suited for guided tours, such as visits to installations. 

Teams of interpreters

  • I can contact fully reliable, specialized interpreters for the languages you need. These are seasoned professionals who are always punctual, prepare thoroughly for their conferences and perform at the highest level.


Technical services providers

  • You may have to rent booths, infoports or mobile equipment, microphones, projectors, etc. Don’t know any providers first hand? I can recommend those that never go wrong.

A consultant interpreter can guide you through the entire process, contracting interpreters and teams, as well as offering you the keys for the success of your multilingual meeting.