About me

I have a wide experience as a simultaneous interpreter and can offer my expertise shaped by much work. As anyone familiar with this job knows, the only thing that can guarantee excellent interpreting is the flight hours under the belt of the professional.

My languages are English, Spanish and French. The first two are what we call in the trade “active languages,” that is, languages to which I interpret. French is my “passive language,” from which I work. An English bilingual family environment, plus years of studying French and translation and interpreting techniques allow me to offer these services with top-level quality. But I do not always work on my own.

I usually work in teams with a network of colleagues, both interpreters and technicians. Do you need other languages or sound equipment? Tell me about the event you’re organizing and I am sure that we will find the means to make language barriers disappear. It’s not magic, it’s experience.

Who I´m not

I am not a company. But if you have an event to organize and are reluctant about having a freelancer take care of it instead of an agency, you would be surprised how efficient an experienced professional can be: I understand my job, I know without a doubt which colleagues are reliable, and the technical solutions providers that never go wrong. That is, I can take care of the global organization of the interpreting for your event and offer you my services as consultant interpreter.